Common Myths About Hypnosis

1 Feb

Hypnotized people will do something they don’t want to do!

A great example of this that has gained massive popularity over the past ten years is how hypnotized people will commit crimes, like robbing a bank, or even worse acts!
To see it in action click here!

This is bogus because when a person is hypnotized they still won’t do things they wouldn’t do normally, they will adhere to their core values. Now this stretches past classical hypnosis routines such as acting like a celebrity, forgetting their name, walking on the moon and imagining they are on a beach. A person might not do those things in everyday life but there is a limit, their ethical and moral code.

It has been shown in studies, especially by Milton Erickson that while hypnotized people would not even hit another person if there were no reason to.

Keep in mind even though a hypnotist says the word “SLEEP” it is not actual sleep. You may not be able to remember anything afterwards but you are aware of everything during the process.

You can get stuck in Hypnosis!

This is completely false as well. People drift in and out of hypnosis all day long. They just don’t know it! It is a natural state to go in and out of. Have you ever driven a car and once you got to your destination you don’t remember driving there! That was a state of hypnosis usually referred to as a “driving trance”.

Have you ever got lost in a book or been to a movie theater and when you got done it seemed like a different day or you don’t remember the time passing by? You were in an altered state. Shocking I know!

Hypnosis is different for everybody but the worst that could happen to you is that you drift away and actually sleep and wake up a few minutes later feeling bright and refreshed.

Hypnosis only works for certain people or “I can’t be hypnotized!”

Again, this is wrong. If you can dream, sleep, concentrate and relax… guess what? You can be hypnotized, as all humans can.

As I said before, hypnosis is a natural state to drift in and out of. People do it throughout the day. To be honest, I believe I have drifted in and out a few times while writing this blog!

The bottom line is that everyone is suggestible to a degree, everyone can relax, sleep and concentrate so in turn, everyone can be hypnotized if THEY WANT TO BE.
For those who insist they cannot or flat out don’t want to be, they are the ones missing out on an enjoyable experience.


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