How good is your memory?

This past week I happen to catch Marilu Henner’s segment on The View… don’t judge, where she talks about her memory. As crazy as this sounds, she has something scientists call Superior Autobiographical Memory. This means she can recall things from any given day of her life.

In the hypnosis field many believe that everything we read, learn about and experience never leaves our memory. In fact, it is always there the only draw back we all have is that our recall system is not up to speed. Let’s face it, we have all had that experience where once we heard it we think, “Oh I have heard that before!” or “Oh I have seen this episode before.”

Recently, I was fortunate enough to participate in a memory course by Remember Media. (They do have products online that I suggest you look into if you want to build your memory. Who wouldn’t want to be able to remember people’s names years after you meet them or easily memorize and entire presentation without notes!) None of the exercises were that tough or mentally draining. Before you know it, you have a full list of 20 items memorized forwards and backwards. Whether it is a grocery store list or a presentation, it’s fascinating to see just how powerful our minds actually are. As the presenters atRemember Media say, “We have the greatest computer between our own two ears. We just need a software update.”

Before I forget… back to Marilu. She was joined by two other people and there are only six people in the world with this condition. They can categorize days and instantly recall them, as if they were yesterday.

You can watch the interview here.



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