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A quick linguistic trick

2 Feb

As both a student of magic and hypnosis I learn a broad range of manipulations from verbal to visual and of course most go under the radar. I want to share with you a simple way to give people options yet at the same time EVERYTHING is under your complete control. Don’t worry there is no hypnotic trance goig on, in fact you don’t even say the word SLEEP! It is far easier than that.

The best way to explain it is to give an example. Say you are a parent and you have a child, we’ll go with the name Luke. You want Luke to be in bed by 8pm. You say to Luke, “You know Luke, you have been really good today, I will let you stay up to either 7:30 or 8pm. Since you have been extra good, you can decide which time you want.”

Keep in mind it seems simple but remember its the SIMPLE suggestions and influences that go under the radar.  Luke thinks he is deciding when he goes to bed and he feels rewarded, so it’s a positive experience for him. Meanwhile, both times are before the parent wants him in bed so the parent is winning as well. All you are doing, as they say in the hypnotic world is framing the situation to what you want.

This doesn’t just have to be with kids. If a group of people from work are all going out to lunch and you feel like a certain type of food you can say, “Since ___, is the leader of this next project you decide whether we get Italian or Mexican food!”

It’s a simple twist in the language that can ultimately have a huge impact. Chances are it has been done to you and you may not have even realized it. Maybe a car salesmen saw you looking at a car and said, “Would you like this car better in red or grey?” Either way you answer it shows him you want to get that car.

**If you wish to learn more about linguistic effects a great place to start is with Wonder Words by my friend Kenton Knepper.